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Know About Sarkari Jobs.

Sarkari jobs have been very much attractive for many years.
Because they offer job security and time to time increase in perks and other allowances such as medical, house rent, travelling etc.
In our country Sarkari job has become the first choice of many student due to this the competition has increased very much in several years.
There is a high increase in the cut off marks because too many student are applying for several post and each and every student is trying his her best to get maximum marks as much as possible.

There are various sectors such as banking, SSC, finance insurance and other where the vacancies are coming on a regular basis and student are involving themself. Places like Delhi कोटा, Patna, Varanasi have became a hub for the student to prepare for the Sarkari job hundreds of thousands of student from different places of India are moving towards these cities in search of good coaching Institutions because every student wants to be the perfect and get the job as soon as possible.

Huge amount of coaching institute and online training center have been opened which provide training to aspirant thus making it huge economical market.

But apart from this one thing I want to tell you all that before pushing yourself in this you must be hundred percent sure about your capabilities and endurance because we all know that for one post 1000 students have applied.

So, you have to compete with 1000 people which may be better than you.

Here, in India people do not think much about what will happen in the future they just see other people doing and they do the same thing because it is the nature of the people that to like the other things, so be careful about the decision which you take.

Some important tricks which will help you to take decision that you should prepare for the Sarkari job or not.

  • 1) One first thing is don't see what other is doing see what you have done till now.
  • 2) TRY to figure out your study capacity understanding level and how much time you can give to your STUDY.
  • 3) Check yourself at what you are good at for example if your thinking skill is very high then you can understand reasoning better if you have High understanding level then you must be good at math.
  • 4) When you come to come up through this then check yourself how much patience you have to sit and practice because Sarkari job require a lot of practice and huge amount of patients.
  • 5) Over coming through this. Now you will be able to understand that you are available and up to and take the decision or not.
  • 6) Most important thing is that do not get easily motivated or easily influenced by other people listen to yourself only because it is you who will will have to fight the battle not your friends or family.
  • 7) Now I think that you have been able to judge yourself that you should prepare or not, if you are able to prepare then don't get over excited and don't put burden on yourself be calm and have patience, Some children start purchasing big books and spend many hours to solve them but I suggest don't do that here I want to tell you some Strategies for the Sarkari job.
  • 8)If you are a beginner and you know very little about the topic then you must visit some good coaching institute and take their demo class and sort out which one is best.
  • 9 For selection of coaching institute don't go by name that is the institute which has big name or big infrastructure or big market value try to select those Institute which have good set of teachers for each and every subject which you want to study.
    See actually what happenS in coaching institute that there are few set of teachers who are good but there are few set of teachers who are average or below so you need to find out the institute which has all the set of good teachers ,but I think that they are there no any.
  • 10) In my suggestion take individual coaching of each subject though it will cost you more but you will be able to understand them clearly.
  • 11) During the preparation time always remember don't study the whole book select the topic which you are good at and those in which you have to work then make a strategy to work on it.
  • 12) For candidate who are familiar with the topic they need not to take admission in the institute they can easily prepair through book or online video tutorial available on YouTube and other application most of the exam have sectional cutoff so prepare well for each and every section.
  • 13) Go through previous year pattern and question asked in various exam and start sorting out question from there for example in banking exam like SBI and IBPS there is time limit for particular section so you need to work on the time management and practice more and more so that you can easily get good marks.
  • 14) Sort out every type of questions from each and every topic so that any kind of question don't get left.
  • 15 Always try to revise what you learnt once in a week that will help you to keep the things in your mind.
  • 16) Always try to figure out the hard topic so that you must go for them once in a week and make them easy by practicing and practicing more.
  • 17) ALways try to give mock test before the exam this will not only help you to find your errors but also will help you to analyse yourself and make your speed.
  • 18)Practice each and every topic as much as possible so that it get familiar to you.
  • 19) Always try to relax or take small nap in between the study hours because it will boost and revitalize your brain.
  • 20) Before the exam don't study more and don't put pressure on yourself be calm and relaxed
  • 21) At last always remember that you are the creator of your own destiny so give your 100% in it.